Home Health: When You Should Consider Having Your Indoor Air Quality Tested

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Whether you have lived in your home for years or are currently looking to purchase a home, having the indoor air quality tested is a wise investment in you and your family's health. Hidden toxins may not display any outward signs and may only be uncovered through indoor air quality testing. Having your home tested will give you reassurance that your home is healthy.

You are purchasing a new home

If you are looking to purchase a new home, you should consider having air quality testing done before you sign the final papers or ask if the current owner will have it performed as part of the contract. This will protect your investment. If a major issue arises later, such as mold found hidden in the walls, it can be costly to have mold remediation services performed, which could turn your new dream home into a nightmare.

You notice strange odors

Any time you notice odors in your home, it can be a sign of hidden dangers lurking in the walls, especially mold and mildew. Leaky water pipes, small cracks in roofing shingles, and improperly sealed windows, can all lead to small amounts of water seeping inside your home's structure. In time, this can lead to moisture buildup and the formation of toxic mold in your air, which often gives off a musty scent. 

You are experiencing chronic health issues

If you or a family member seems to always have allergies or cold symptoms, it may be a clue that something is lurking in your home triggering your symptoms. Mold spores can cause these symptoms, as well as the chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of carpets, furniture, and drapes. Having your home's air quality tested may be the answer to why you are suffering with chronic allergies.

You want to protect your family

Colorless and odorless, radon is a dangerous gas that occurs naturally in various locations and can seep into homes. Long-term exposure to radon may lead to lung cancer, which makes it one of the most important toxins to detect. Indoor air quality testing can protect the future of your family's health.

It is easy to put off having your home's indoor air quality tested, especially if your home is not showing any outward signs of mildew or you do not notice any unusual odors in the home. However, air toxins can be subtle and will often only be detected by having a professional test your air quality. Even if no dangers are found, you will still feel good knowing you and your family are living in an environment with good air quality.

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