Three Reasons Why You Should Schedule Regular Storm Drain Cleaning

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Few people are convinced that regular drain cleaning and maintenance is worth their time and effort. Many businesses or homeowners often fail to see the importance of taking care of the drains. First and foremost, you need to understand that an unattended storm drain may result in debris, dust, and sediment buildup restricting water flow, translating to flooding and the formation of water puddles in the surrounding environment of your business or home property. Thus, to avoid such, preventative storm drain cleaning and maintenance could save you the hassle of property storm drains repairs and replacements that can be too costly, breaking your pocket. This article shall explore three reasons you should conduct regular storm drain cleaning and maintenance. 

To Reduce Water Damage

Ensuring your storm drains are cleaned regularly prevents severe problems, including water overflows resulting in unsanitary conditions around your property. For instance, many property owners get stressed when plumbing issues arise, especially after heavy rainfall. If the plumbing system is not working correctly, poor stormwater drains may result in flooding translating to rotting floors and sidings, mold growth, and drywall deterioration. These plumbing issues can result in high plumbing expenses if not detected early. Thus, this can only be prevented by conducting a regular storm drain cleaning, inspection, and maintenance. 

To Minimize Exposure to Water Contaminants in Stormwater

When heavy downpours occur, it is not unusual to see water retention on the stormwater drains and pipes filled with debris and sediment. Thus, these buildups can form dirt within the plumbing pipes, forming breeding grounds for bacteria. These retained storm waters may also decompose over time, producing unpleasant odors. Unfortunately, if no storm drain cleaning is done, bacteria and other disease-causing organisms may escape to the drains and faucets on your property. Drinking stormwater may result in health hazards affecting members of your household. Thus, to avoid such, consider preventative storm drain cleaning and maintenance to eliminate the water contaminants in stormwater. 

To Avoid Infrastructure Damages

When you schedule a regular preventative storm drain cleaning and maintenance, you can choose to inspect the drainage and plumbing systems to assess for any damages. The inspection helps assess the existing drainage facilities such as pipes and drains to see whether they are obstructed, clogged, or broken down, reducing the capacity to convey stormwater across the property. If this happens, there is a high possibility that a clogged storm may cause damage to the surrounding infrastructure, including pavements, sidewalks, basements, sewage, and plumbing systems. As such, consider calling in a storm drain specialist to do the inspection and conduct the necessary repairs needed to eliminate infrastructural damage.

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