Here's What The Dumpster Rental Company You Hire Should Be Able To Do For You

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No matter what you need a dumpster for, there's usually no reason to purchase one outright. You can simply rent one from a rental company in your area. Here is what the dumpster rental company you decide to work with should be able to offer:

Delivery and Pickup

One important service you should be able to expect from your dumpster rental company is transportation. You can't be expected to haul the dumpster yourself due to the sheer nature and size of the dumpster. The rental company should deliver the dumpster wherever you plan to use it on the day you need to start using it.

When you're finished with the dumpster, the company should pick it up immediately so you don't have to worry about keeping it safe for days until the company shows up to get it. And if the dumpster fills up quicker than you anticipated, the company shouldn't have a problem taking the full one away and bringing you a new one.

Recycling Options

If you are hosting a function of some kind and expect to deal with a lot of recycling, your dumpster rental company should be able to supply you with a second receptacle for the recycling. They may even offer a special sized dumpster just for recycling. But if not, they can deliver a second full sized dumpster for recycling. Your rental company should be happy to pick the recycling dumpster up a few days later than the trash dumpster.


The disposal of your trash should be included in your rental service. When you are done using the dumpster, your rental company should make sure that everything is disposed of legally and responsibly so you don't even have to think about whether things are being sent to the dump that shouldn't be. Your rental company should provide you with a complete list of things that should not be put in the dumpster and provide you with alternative recommendations so you don't end up having to sift through the dumpsters to remove banned items so the company can pick the unit up.

Contact your local dumpster rental company to learn more about how they can help you complete your next big project or put on a successful event of some kind. They'll be happy to explain how their process works and to work with you to start scheduling a delivery date for your rented dumpster.

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